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Realm & Empire Bosworth Terrain Sweat


We're afraid the Realm & Empire Bosworth Terrain Sweat is no longer in stock. We have more Realm & Empire jumpers or you can view our range of jumpers. Due to the way the labels work most items can not be restocked and this item has been moved to the Realm & Empire archive page, however you can always enquire with us. See our contact details below.

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Some items of clothing tell a story. Then there's a Realm & Empire Bosworth Terrain sweat. You could write a book about this. Or if you haven't got time for this you'll at least need to meet your mates or significant other in a coffee shop the first time you wear this.

You see, this soft fleece finished top takes the tyre marks of a tank used by the British

Army Long Range Desert Group. They were a small platoon of specialist soldiers operating in the deserts of North Africa, more often than not behind enemy lines. Clever and stylish, we reckon.

This a dark denim colour Realm and Empire jumper with ribbed sleeves and hem for a fitted look.

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